We get it; there's more going on than we know.

An asset that can't be inspected?  A pipeline, a tank or vessel that can't be measured ?

How then do you plan an effective program when you haven't got all of the necessary information? 

This is what drives innovation and invention.

This is why Petritek are here.








Petritek have experienced a broad variety of asset and process conditions in numerous sectors, in particular in oil &gas as well as mining.  The latent capabilities that exist within proven technologies as well as their integration supported by smart algorithms is Petite's expertise.  

Petritek have invented, innovated and educated and delivered improvements upon existing applications, increased knowledge for planning and operations and more.  


The question you should ask is - When can we meet?

Question:  When a condition exists within your asset or a behaviour of your process that you either have not seen before or do not properly understand, what are your choices?


Answer: Apply expertise where it belongs.  Your people are in their roles for precisely that reason.  Petritek are in our roles for precisely that reason.  


A good conversation makes a big difference.

What we will do:

Listen and understand what conditions are and what information you need.

Interrogate all available data to appreciate the gap.

Demonstrate the approach and method to eliminate the gap and provide new information.


Invent or innovate? 

Why invent?

To invent something takes more time than using something that is already available, simple logic.  What if there is nothing available because a problem exists that is not being treated for that reason.  When a situation is accommodated because that is the only apparent choice that is the history of invention.


This is why Petritek exists.

Why innovate?

To innovate takes more time than to use an existing option that is already available although not as effective as you might prefer, more simple logic.  


What if the available option was considered to be the best and no improvement was thought to be likely or necessary?  When a situation is accepted because that apparent choice serves the required purpose it takes others to see where improvements can be achieved, that is the history of innovation.


This is why Petritek exists.

Q:   How do I achieve that outcome with the gap in measurement and inspection technology that is available?.

A:   This is why Petritek exists.


We are superb partners to work with.

Our expertise

Anthony O'Brien
Technology Director

Business Manager, owner and industry collaborator with 17 years experience gained through successfully applied entrepreneurial passions.  Accomplished peer credentials and algorithm design, data capture and imaging.


Senior Radiation Protection Advisor and company Technical Lead for management of radioactive sources and Naturally Occuring Radioactive Material. Expertise teaching Physics at university, astronomy at the Gemini observatory in Chile. Managing night-time operations of the advanced 8m telescope and advanced problem solving of these cutting edge scientific instruments.


Development in instrumentation targeted at the mining and petroleum industries, radiation safety & management.

Ashley Barker
R & D Director

Accomplished entrepreneur, innovator and enthusiast for the possibilities that science and technology can offer.  Innovations in numerous technologies with exemplary results in medical ultrasound sensor analysis.

Developed and deployed a range of mining 'down-hole' instruments then joined forces with a university colleague, Mr Anthony O'Brien and created a technical consulting company specialising in the difficult and awkward problems faced by the resource sector.


The company flourished and many companies have spun out of the opportunities experienced in this venture. Including Radiation Professionals, ProbeLogic and more recently Petritek. Much of the technology  developed has become the industry standard and is used throughout the world. 

Colin Lynch
Business Development Director

Senior Management Executive, inventor and coach with 35 years experience in all facets of management, operations and business development in Australia and the UK within multi-site blue-chip and SME environments.

Experience across ICT, engineering services, maintenance/support services, integrated technologies, professional services, facilities management and business optimisation solutions within downstream and upstream oil & gas, on/off shore and subsea, as well as minerals mining and processing.

Strategic leadership and inventor of business development methodologies, previously established technology Business development consultancy.


When can we talk?

Give us some information please, 

so we know what you want to talk about.

Unit 6, 42 Banksia Road, Welshpool. W.A. 6106

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