Detecting NORMs with/Certainty

What is Jonah? 


An innovation in proven technology that provides online, non-intrusive passive detection of NORMs accumulation in tanks, pipes and vessels in petroleum facilities.  The constancy of NORMs within hydrocarbon processing can now be understood with a new approach that informs operations, maintenance and all other interested parties of the radioactivity of any internal buildup.


Question:  When accessing a vessel for inspection or maintenance how many hours would you save by knowing in advance if there was any NORMs present?


Answer: Whether to safeguard personnel or to meet regulatory compliance for safety and environmental considerations an accurate awareness of the internal environment is essential.


Certainty/NORMs detection


With reliability and credibility in oil, gas and mining the question should be -


Why aren't you using Jonah? 

Jonah - Invented by Petritek. 

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