Why 'problem solvers'? 


An asset that can't be inspected?  A pipeline, a tank or vessel that can't be measured can't be understood.

How then do you plan an effective program when you haven't got all of the necessary information? This is what drives innovation and invention.

This is why Petritek are here.


Question:  When a condition exists within your asset or a behaviour of your process that you either have not seen before or do not properly understand, what are your choices?


Answer: Apply expertise where it belongs.  Your people are in their roles for precisely that reason.  Petritek are in our roles for precisely that reason.  




Petritek have experienced a broad variety of asset and process conditions in numerous sectors, in particular in oil &gas as well as mining.  The latent capabilities that exist within proven technologies as well as their integration supported by smart algorithms is Petite's expertise.  


Petritek have invented, innovated and educated and delivered improvements upon existing applications, increased knowledge for planning and operations and more.  The question you should ask is -


When can we meet?

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Unit 6, 42 Banksia Road, Welshpool. W.A. 6106

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