Detecting Gamma radiation with/Confidence

What is RadSeek? 


An innovation in design, user experience and functionality with hand-held radiation detection. The range of considerations that have been considered came from field experience of our technicians and our clients, all of which has formed the entire suite of useable attributes within this device.


Question:  When approaching a location where there is known or may be unknown radiation activity, how confident do you need to be that you have a reliable gamma radiation detector?


Answer: Whether to safeguard personnel or to meet regulatory compliance for safety and environmental considerations an effective detection meter is crucial.


Ensure/gamma detection


With inbuilt redundancy, digital display and the credibility of infield expertise in oil, gas and mining the question should be -


Why aren't you using RadSeek? 

RadSeek - Invented by Petritek. Deployed under licence by Radiation Professionals

Gamma radiation dose meter